Thursday, July 2, 2015

Thank You Teacher...

Alright, I think this does it for teacher thank yous... Since it's officially summer, who still wants to be thinking about school and teachers?

I'm so looking forward to lazy days (especially since I am only a few weeks away from my due date and anything that requires any kind of energy is just not appealing)... I love not having to be somewhere every morning by a certain time, getting everyone ready... My oldest and I came up with a list of fun things to try and do this summer, though we'll see how we do considering there's a baby planning to interrupt our plans!

Anyway... this is the card I made for her teacher, which I dreamed up while trying to fall asleep one night... I used to come up with designs this way often, but since I'm out of the habit of crafting these days it doesn't happen as often.

When I first had Josie, I'd dream up card designs while nursing her at night... so maybe when this baby comes, I'll get back in that habit? It passes the time anyway...

So I had the idea in the wee hours to create a chalkboard, since once upon a time that's what teachers used (everyone here uses whiteboards now!)...

I *think* it kind of looks the part, but I don't know if I fully translated my idea to paper. Regardless, I love the colours and it was just fun to sit down and stamp. So I'll take it!

So that's the last teacher one from me, but hopefully I can still steal some time in the craft room here and there, especially as I get bigger and less mobile. I'd rather stamp than suffer through housework, right?

Thanks for peeking in! I always appreciate your visits!

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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Thanks a Bunch!

Are you over thank you cards yet? There will be more, so hopefully not!

My friend's kids had four teachers between the two of them, so she asked me to make cards for all of them, plus I had my own daughter's teachers and principal (who is amazing, and is taking a position at a different school starting September - boo!) to think of...

I found a digital floral pattern (you'll never guess where), and I loved the interesting colour combination so I decided to see if I could translate it to ink. Here's where I started:

So I gathered some stamps, some inks and just puttered. I don't know how successful it was, but hey - it got my stamping!

I think my yellow wasn't quite right, but I still like it enough. Again, it's a different colour scheme than I would ever reach for on my own, so I am happy that my inspiration pattern did that for me.

That's it for me today - just a quick one for you! I hope you're enjoying your summer (if it's summer for you!), and the lazy days that come with it... I know we are!

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Monday, June 29, 2015

Thank You...

There's a bit of a theme in my post titles here... since I'm on a roll making teacher cards!

So I've been looking for a perfect gold embossing powder, because the only one I had was sort of antique finish, and just didn't do it for me. But without seeing examples in person, I was hesitant to pull the trigger. Recently, I visited Paper Source for the first time (since they're not in Canada), and found one I felt was worth taking a chance with...

And I *love* it. It's sharp, crisp, and bright. Everything I hoped I could find. So now I want to create all kinds of patterns with it, because it's just so darned pretty.

I stamped a few images from the WPlus9 Fresh Cut Florals set, after trying the 'smooshing' technique on my paper panel - I had more success this time, using PTI inks (I tried SU! inks last time with no success). Then I brushed over my stamped images quickly with a wet brush. Emma gasped when she saw this one, so I think I can declare success.

The one thing I'll say is that for how simple this card is (by my usual, layered, frilly efforts), it took me a long time. Truly, I am *so* out of practice, it's almost frustrating! But it's so cathartic and peaceful to be stamping, I know I need to really make a point of carving out more time for it. I miss it so much!

Thanks as always for visiting me! I'm so grateful for your comments and visits, because I miss blogging so, and it's so lovely that there are still people out there watching for me!

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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Birthday Wishes...

Hey there! It's already time for the June Blog Hop over at Papertrey Ink, and I managed to put something together in time! I know, I'm shocked as well... I figure the more pregnant I get, and the warmer the temperatures rise, the more of an excuse I have to just hang out and craft (since the craft room is in the cool basement!)

 I really loved the inspiration photo, mostly because I'd love a pair of these little shoes for my girls... so I couldn't resist playing along!

I went in a simpler direction than I usually go, but lately I'm really liking simpler designs,.. maybe it's a time crunch thing? I worked with the colours mainly, but did include florals and stripes to tie it all together.

I finally used the stamps from the Tinsel and Tags kit... and not for something holiday related! Oh well, new flowers to stamp with, so I was happy *wink*

I'll keep it short and sweet, since you have lots of stops to make, but thank you so much for swinging by! 

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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Thank You...

Seems like things will come in fits and starts for awhile around here... when I set aside time to craft, I do a few things at once, then don't return to the table for a couple of months while I am busy with everything else we seem to fill our days with!

Another card I created for a friend to give to a teacher for the end of the year. I again turned to Pinterest for colour inspiration, and decided to translate this into a card;

I loved the cool tones, and how it's almost monochromatic, but not exactly... and then I felt like I needed different ink colours! But I still tried...

I don't think I did the inspiration photo justice, but I do like what came out of it... these aren't colours I would gravitate towards normally, but that's my favourite part of using an inspiration photo; going out of my box!

I still  have a few cards waiting to be blogged, so I'll be posting at least a few more times in the coming days! I can't make promises after that, but I'll do my best to keep it from getting so dusty in here!

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Friday, June 19, 2015

Enjoy Your Day...

Hey there!

So as I have mentioned, since I don't spend a lot of time crafting like I once did (please may that change before too long!), it's tough for me to get things flowing when I sit down to create. So I live on Pinterest, borrowing (note that I didn't admit to outright copying! *wink*) layout ideas, and finding inspiration for patterns and stamping in textiles and design. 

I have a board that I pin things to when they pop up in my feed and I think they can be a starting point for a project. There are tons of floral patterns, lots of colour combinations, and some very random looking things that just struck a chord when I saw them. For instance:

I loved the florals on the pillows and sheets, and they reminded me of the Mini Blooms set from Papertrey, so I knew I could recreate this in card form!

I stamped the background, then borrowed (hee hee) a layout idea from my friend Melissa. You can't tell very well from the photo, but I tied some tulle into my button for added texture and it was the perfect little something.

 We'll be spending our weekend (hopefully, all things going according to plan) moving our girls into one room and setting up a nursery... cross your fingers for me and wish us luck for a smooth transition! *wink*

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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

For a Special Teacher...

Holy cow, has it been long enough since I posted?!

We've been quite busy around here... we recently got back from a trip overseas to visit my brother in Scotland. We were there to celebrate his wedding to my wonderful sister in law (whom I just adore)! A lot of our time there was spent with them, doing things to help with their wedding and all the other little things that come along with preparing for that. I took my camera, but ended up not taking a single photo because my oldest had her little camera and was going nuts with that - so I let her document our trip. The wedding photographers were everywhere all at once, so I just enjoyed myself, and knew I'd get all kinds of wonderful photos from them, when it's time!

I did post a few pictures on Instagram, and here is one of my little (way bigger than me) brother, and his two *gorgeous* flower girls - I may be biased!

I love Scotland (my family is from there, my husband's heritage is the same; my surname might have been a clue for you!), and I feel such a connection to it every time I visit. I grew up hearing stories of my mum's childhood there, and a lot of what makes me who I am seems to come from my heritage. Part of this trip was spreading the last of my mum's ashes (she passed away just over two years ago), so we visited a beautiful little village just outside of Edinburgh called Roslin, where she used to play as a young girl. It's so lovely there, and it totally suits her... the first time I actually finally saw this place I grew up hearing so much about!

Again, just a quick phone shot of where we were;

Saying all of that, I am so glad to be home again; Scotland is way too chilly and far too windy for my liking!

Back home, the school year is winding down, so I've been making a few teacher cards. I'll share them over the next little while; spread the love over this sadly neglected blog!

I created this one using some way too under-utilized stamps!

Because I'm so out of the routine of being in the craft room, I'm really lacking in creative juices! I scoured my inspiration board on Pinterest and decided to try a colour scheme that's a little out of my box - and I love it! What on earth did we do before Pinterest?!

Alright, that's what I have for you today... thanks for humouring me and stopping in. I keep intending to be here more, but we are getting closer and closer to baby, which means more projects around the house (and we still have finishing to do on the kitchen!), so we've been keeping ourselves busy. As usual, I'll promise to share photos when it's finished - I'm just learning not to say 'soon', since that never seems to work out! *wink*

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